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Adult Turnkey Porn Business Sites Convert Using Micro Niche Content

We created this turnkey design company specializing in niche adult turnkey sites for the same reason anybody creates an internet business, to make money, but the difference with Niche is the more money we assist you in making the more we make. So we have a vested interest in you succeeding that the other adult design companies just don't have.

As one of the best SEO marketing companies on the internet for over 15 years (though we don't take on new marketing accounts cause we concentrate on Niche turnkey clients only) we have proved our worth to thousands of clients. We have worked for many of the design and content companies through the years and learned a great deal regarding the pitfalls of these businesses. We saw many of the design companies websites make very little money only because they were set up in such a way as for the individual owner to fail. We don't know if this was on purpose or not.

The point here is that changes needed to be made to revolutionize the porn turnkey design business in order to make it a profitable money making business opportunity for all instead of just an opportunity for the design companies to make money off of you. We basically found a niche in the design industry and created a win/win situation. Micro niche websites based on a reciprocal relationship with our clients. The more money we assist you in making the more money we make. Sounds good ha?? That's because it is. Read on to better understand why you should start a business with niche site design today.

Porn Site Design Business Research Regarding The Return On Investment Of Niche Content

1. The Mainstream Content market is saturated. There is too much opportunity for free content such as the typical blonde haired blue-eyed girl or the ebony girl you see on the cover of every ebony turnkey site.

2. Niche Specific Content is in great demand but there is not enough free high definition niche content on the internet to satisfy people so they end up having to fork over their money to join. This basically comes down to basic supply and demand.

3. Mainstream content should convert into cash at 500-2000 unique visitors where niche website content from our very unique sites should convert into cash at approx. 250-500 unique visitors.

4. The days of the megasite that has 10 different categories of content on them are over.

Think about it, who looking for shemales would sign up with a mainstream company that has only 1 category out of 10 pertaining to shemales? If they sign up for such an online business, they will cancel immediately or worse yet chargeback on you. Why do they have to look at different categories of content when they signed up for shemales?

Micro Niche Content Is How We Make Our Money In The Porn Site Business

With the results of our extensive research we obviously realized the niche content was the sweet spot in the industry. So we forged agreements with the major niche content companies with the best HD content, exceptional rebilling rate of up to 50% or more and designed sites out of these affiliate programs. Each niche turnkey site we create with these agreements provides you many different revenue streams.

Note: At Niche Site Design we create two different types of custom web sites. These are niche specific and niche reality. The niche specific custom offer you at least 9 different revenue streams while our niche reality custom offer you at least 5 different revenue streams. The pay out on each sign up from these niche specific and reality is anywhere from $13-$90 to you, which is an above average pay out when you compare these numbers to having your own individual business outside of the niche system. Let's take a look at the significant costs you would have if you created your own business without using the niche system.

Porn Business Cost If You Design Your Own Site And Go It Alone With Your Own Content

· Content (Niche specific content will cost at least $50,000 to start)
· Content Updates (Weekly update of content will be at least $25,000 per year)
· Design (At least $5,000 for a professional job)
· Billing (You will be giving up at least 14% of every signup plus set up fees)
· Visa ($750.00 fee upfront. Annual Visa charge and other billing charges $250.00 and up)
· Hosting (At least $1,200 per year. That is just the beginning.)
· Marketing (The average price for a marketing campaign for a 3 month SEO Marketing contract is approx. $5,000)

So your total 1st year cost of your self-created business is a whopping $84,450.00 and how about the amount of time you spend on this? Have you accounted for that? Is this going to be a full-time company for you?

Total Cost Of Porn Reality Or Niche Websites When You Partner With Niche Site Design:

1. Content is owned and managed for you for Free by the content provider
2. Content Updates Free
3. Design Only $495.00 for custom niche sites, Only $595 with custom reality sites With Monthly Hosting of $14.95 per month or $595.00 for custom niche sites and $695.00 for custom reality sites With FREE Hosting For Life option
4. Billing Most Free or Minimal Cost
5. VISA (no fee at all)
6. Free Hosting For Life Of Account Option
7. Free Initial Hands On SEO Marketing
8. SEO Marketing Guidance via email or phone is offered for life of account.

Total 1st year cost with the NSD Adult Turnkey Website System Starting At Only $425.00

Total Cost = $84,450.00 on your own

Total Cost = Starting At Only $395.00 with the Niche System

If you don't see the low cost low risk of the our money making business opportunity than you would have to be blind.

The revenue streams that will be offered on your niche site will not be new unproven ones. These are the best converting niche specific revenue streams on the Internet today. These turnkey websites make money. There is no question that you should, with some marketing effort of a few hours a week, make good money off these custom sites.

Content Companies Payouts to You:

SapphicCash.Com Pays up to 70% for the life of the account.
21SexTuryCash.Com Pays up to $40 per signup or up to 70% for life of account
JuggCash.Com Pays $30.00 per signup or 60% for the life of the account.
ExoticGold.Com Pays up to $54.00 per signup or 60% for the life of the account.
RealityKings.Com Pays up to $40.00 per signup.
BangBros.Com Pays up to $40.00 per signup
Kink.Com Pays up to $50 per signup or up to 60% for the life of the account
NSCash.Com Pays $25 per signup or up to 80% for the life of the account
Platinumcash.Com pays up to $40 per signup and up to 80% for the life of the account

Here Are Some Samples of Porn Affiliate Businesses and Payouts: Pays up to $130.00 per sign or 20% for the life of the account.
AEBN pays 20% for life of account personals site pay up to $90 per sign-up Sex Toy and DVD Store Pays up to 55%

For any questions you might have regarding our porn turnkey site business with our money back guarantee, please call 610-659-9184 or email us at JT@JTSEC.COM. We will kindly provide you with all the time you need. We will also offer you a full detailed list of all of our turnkey design competitors so you can compare.

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